Pfleiderer launches new Digital Tools

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Pfleiderer launches new Digital Tools

Pfleiderer has officially launched its new-look global website - and with it, a new range of innovative digital tools to help you compare and interact with their full range of products. Why not have a go yourself and see what you can create? 
This exquisite German brand, known for quality products globally, has recently reorganised to diversify its offer and make it easier for people to interact creatively with their products. These new tools are completely free to use via Pfleiderer's website and include:

  •  An updated Virtual Room Designer tool that features a more expansive range of template rooms and all new 2021 decors.
  •  A Moodboard tool that allows you to upload any photo. The tool then recommends decors from Pfleiderer's collection to fit the theme.
  •  A Product Finder tool that enables you to quick-browse all decors to find the perfect product to fit a specific project or job.
  •  Pfleiderer's BIM Data database that can be downloaded and used with CAD/CAM programmes to help aid design. 

 You can discover the full range of digital tools at:

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