Landing Soon: Clear Faced Douglas Fir Plywood

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Landing Soon: Clear Faced Douglas Fir Plywood

We will shortly be landing our next shipment of Clear Faced Douglas Fir Plywood; exclusively imported into the UK from Richmond Plywood.
This very unique plywood is grown in PEFC-Managed forests of British Columbia, Canada and has a distinctive sapwood and heartwood that gives it a warm, welcoming appearance. The plywood comes in a variety of thicknesses and also in solid core, making it ideal for high-end joinery projects and furniture building where there is an edge reveal. The rotary cut face veneers are enhanced by clear lacquer but are suitable for all types of finishing including staining and oiling.
Douglas Fir Plywood has been used in a number of high-profile interior design projects, including the Colyer-Fergusson Concert Hall at the University of Kent; Google HQ London and the Facebook Ireland offices in Dublin (Pictured), and is trusted by many of our regular clients for the quality and aesthetic charm it adds to their project.
Interested in trying out Douglas Fir Plywood for yourself?
Visit our dedicated Douglas Fir Plywood website, or get in contact with us to request a sample. Call us on 01708 866177 or email

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