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Certified Products

Here at Decor Solutions, we're committed to sustainable forestry and the use of responsibly-managed wood. We have both FSC® & PEFC™ certification, and are commited members of the Timber Trade Federation in the UK. You can find out more about our own committment on this page. 

FSC® & PEFC™ Certification 

We adopt a comprehensive Chain of Custody system (CoC) to ensure that our panel products are sourced from sustainable, well managed forests. Material that has been manufactured from sustainable sourced material can be identified by the FSC & PEFC logos. We have both FSC and PEFC chain of custody certification. You can view both our FSC and PEFC Certificates inoue downloads section.

The FSC® logo, used under logo licence FSC C013476 wherever it appears, identifies products which contain wood from responsibly managed forests independently certified in accordance with the rules of the Forest Stewardship Council. Our FSC Chain of Custody No is: CU-CoC-805621. FSC Trademark 1996 Forest Stewardship Council A.C. These CoC schemes monitor the source of timber based raw material and ensure that timber has been sourced from legal, well managed forests or even recycled material. 

Trade Timber Federation Membership

As members of the TTF (Timber Trade Federation) we also subscribe to a Responsible Purchasing Policy and continue to develop our stock portfolio aligned to recent changes to Government Procurement Policy.

Click here to view our Trade Timber Federation Membership

The UK Timber Trade Federation's Responsible Purchasing Policy ensures that:

  • The System is Objective: The RPP provides members with a systematic way of assessing and managing the risk that a supplier is offering illegal or unsustainable timber, thereby demonstrating compliance with the TTF’s Code of Conduct; Company targets demonstrate continuous improvement and are set by each TTF member independently but with minimum levels of improvement established by the TTF Forest Forever Division.
  • The System is Credible: All commercial information is kept confidential (supplier’s details, individual risk ratings, etc.); The approach is supported by Government and NGO’s; The Management Report undergoes an external, independent audit by SGS.
  • The System Works: The RPP Questionnaire and Choice Tables have undergone a successful Pilot Testing to show that the procedure works within individual members companies; Full templates to manage the policy are provided by the TTF. You can find out more about the Timber Trade Federation's Responsible Purchasing Policy here.