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Decospan: European Choices Range

We stock and source real wood veneer products from some of Europe’s leading manufacturers, offering a wide variety of species and core types, whatever the application.

Our standard ex-stock board sizes are 2440/3050 x 1220mm with other sizes including 2800 x 2070mm to order. Thicknesses range from 4 to 31mm, with thinner and thicker boards being available to order.

We aim to supply veneered products to meet the specific requirements of our customers. Veneer selection, grading and finishing will ultimately define our pricing. Our supply base has been very carefully selected with our customers’ needs in mind.

We can supply products to any specification of veneer on a range of core types; 

Chipboard - Veneer bonded to particleboard core, across any available thickness.

MDF - Veneer bonded to all types of MDF cores, FR, MR, STD, Exterior, Tricoya, across any available thickness.

Plywood - Veneer bonded to most types of plywood from Birch to Poplar.

Specialist Cores - Veneer bonded to Blockboard and other light weight cores.

Flexi Veneer - A sanded flexible veneered sheet in a 2 or 3 ply, from 0.8 to 2mm thicknesses.

Realwood HPL - Decorative high-pressure laminate.

Engineered Wood Products - The beauty of exotic veneers, but manufactured from reconstituted veneers.

What is reconstituted veneer ?

Made of real wood but not with the actual wood species. By changing the look of veneer using dyes, stains and advanced slicing technology, it is possible to give a wood specie such as spruce or poplar the appearance of a very different wood specie such as oak, ebony or teak.

The ranges on offer include exotic replications of Teak, Ebony, Wenge, Zebrano amongst other new patterns of Lime and Oak.  Each veneer pattern is identical in colour and structure to give maximum consistency and stunning finished panels, whilst satisfying the increasing environmental criteria and certification. Please ask our sales team for further information on the ranges available and to discuss your specific project requirement.


Sizes & Specifications

Panel Sizes Available:
Thicknesses Available:
Panel Edgings Available:
Minimum Order (MOQ):
From 2440 x 1220mm, to 3050 x 1220mm
From 4mm, to 31mm
From 0.5mm, to 2.0mm
1 Pack


FSC® & PEFC™ Certifications

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PEFC Certified:
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